Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey Carol and Michelle....shout out girlfriends! Snow Day...

Hi Everyone...
I shot a video yesterday of the snow at my house.  If you miss the snow...this is for you.  If don't wanna watch LOL.
This video was shot with my new web cam that I bought at Big Lots for $25.  It only took about 3 minutes to upload.  Thats a record for me uploading to YouTube.


  1. Hi Susan.. you did a great job with the video! I CANNOT STAND cold weather UNLESS there is snow...then there is a reason for the cold temps!

  2. *booooo hissssssss* snow. We got the first snow of the year the other day....five inches, you'd think my life was over :)

  3. We live in sunny Florida and dont miss the snow but it's so pretty to look in from inside!

  4. Great camera work!! I LOVE LOVE The snow.. I'm in New England and if you don't like it..ya bettah run!! LOL. thanks so much for sharing.. BTW.. gotta love big lots..$25 cam..good for you!

  5. OH my goodness Susan!! I took a pic of that video camera to try to find reviews on it.. Can you email me with your reviews of it please!! I NEED a camera so bad!

  6. Oh Susan that looks so pretty but only from a distance. I will take my flip flops Nice video though, the snow is so pretty when it first falls. I think it is supposed to be near 80 this weekend. Love it!!!
    Take care, I didn't know you put my video on your blog, I couldn't figure out how to do it but I will, I don't give up til I figure it out.
    Nice video!!