Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Blessing...

Hey Everyone...
I'm sure those of you who know me knows that I've been having some really bad back problems.  Well... it can get quiet depressing.  I'm not able to go back to a job that I love and I stay around the house most of the time (alone) except the days I have to go to physical therapy and then I spend the next couple of days trying to recuperate.  So recently I came across this AMAZING lady that writes poetry, she is a digital scrapbooker and just an awesome person.   Her name is Thena Cullen Smith. day I just opened up Facebook and this poem is the first thing I saw.  I know that God put it there for me and I know that He has placed Miss Thena in my life for a reason.  This poem was such a blessing and an encouragement to me...I wanted it out all the time so I can read it every day.  I made a plaque out of it and I just love it.  Not my work...but Thenas.  Thank you again Miss Thena.  I'm grateful to have found such an kind hearted, woman of God.


  1. I love Thena. I had forgotten she was a digi scrapper too.

  2. SUsan I know how you feel. IM ON DISABILITY-RETIREMENT FROM A JOB i had for 28 years and it was a job THAT I loved. I also have back issues.IIm home every day alone til 2-3pm, I dont drive any more so I do the computer til 11:30 then I go in my craft room til whenever.
    I feel your pain, but thanks for sharing this.
    Dawn RI

  3. Susan,
    That's a beautiful poem. Good luck. Wishing you feel better really soon.